More Experiments

One of the roses, from Monday's post, in a separate vase:

Trying some focal black and white:



Mike said…
Nice job on the selective coloring! I am glad to see you back posting on your photo blog. I just kept checking it cause I knew you wouldn't stay away for long.
tali said…
I like the full color pic better (for no good reason, just my taste I guess). But it's really cool that you can black-and-white only part of the image. I have no idea how that works! =)
Maggie said…
I am a total sucker for selective coloring, so I am crazy for the second's beautiful!
Chica said…
Nice work, I like the full color one as well. :)
Nice textures, Lara.

I appreciate what you said in your comment to me. Thanks you.

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