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Lara David
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I'm just a girl, writing and photographing my way through the world, one lesson at a time. Join me on my journey - you just might learn something.
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What Is This Place?

This site is a work in progress - much like life, actually. I am an amateur photographer who enjoys playing with my Canon EOS 10D. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, since I'm really just learning. Like what you see? Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Summer's a BLAST!

Recipe for summer fun:

1 Sprinkler
1 Toddler

Mix them together and ta-da!

"Summer's a BLAST!"


I've decided to enter this photo in the "Summer Fun" contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom. Crossing my fingers, because $500 would be awesome.

If you'd like to enter, contest details can be found here. Good luck!