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What Is This Place?

This site is a work in progress - much like life, actually. I am an amateur photographer who enjoys playing with my Canon EOS 10D. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, since I'm really just learning. Like what you see? Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Scraps of a Father

Sorry I've been sort of MIA this week. Just a bad case of blogstipation and general malaise. I'll probably skip the weekend as usual, but should hopefully be back daily on Monday.

This is not an artistic photo by any means, but it is an important one because of the subject. As many of you know, my father passed away when I was in high school (read my reflections in a two-part post here and here). What you probably don't know is that he owned a LOT of Hawaiian shirts - more than any teenage girl wants her father to own, let alone wear out in public. But he loved them, and had a number of different patterns lining his closet.

After he died, we spent many months going through his things, deciding what to give away, what to sell, what to keep, etc. Seeser, Mom, and I all agreed that Dad's shirts were special - because they were just so very him - but none of us really felt an urgent need to keep them for ourselves. So we gave them to D., a former student and football player of my dad's, who later became his colleague and fellow coach. D. admired my dad more than most, and looked up to him as a role model in many ways, so we wanted him to have something special to remember Dad.

He was touched, but felt uneasy about taking these special pieces from us. We assured him repeatedly that we were all keeping some of his things to remember him by, and that we wanted him to have the shirts. But it never really settled with him, because a few months ago he got in touch with me. "I have something to give you," he said. And so I arranged to meet him, thinking it would be some small memento of Dad that he had come across at the school. But instead, I saw what you see pictured above.

He had my dad's shirts made into a quilt and then framed to give back to us.

And I cried, of course. I cried because I was so touched by his kindness. I cried because I was sad for him, having lost his hero. But mostly, I cried because I could look at each and every piece of fabric and see my dad wearing it. I guess some things you just never forget, and this quilt now guarantees that I'll remember forever.

She Sees More Than You Think

Old Timey

Kissy-Kissy, Smoochy-Smoochy

There is Beauty in the Dying

I'm not sure why, but sometimes I find dying roses just unbelievably beautiful. I guess in some ways, they feel truer that way than they do when they're alive.


Am trying to cheer myself up. If anyone can do it, Bubbers can.

Still Sad

This Is How I Feel Today

More details of how I'm feeling here.

Go Big or Go Home

Damn but she's cute, huh?

Sad, But Standing Guard

Sisters, First and Forever

No Excuse

I totally only took this picture because I thought he was hot.

So sue me.


When I look at this picture, I wonder if I could reach up and get lost in those branches, wrapped up in snow-white petals and kissed by the sunlight.

My Mother, My Hero

Nothing to Hide

Loving a person just the way they are,
It's no small thing;
It takes some time to see things through.
Sometimes things change,
Sometimes we're waiting -
We need grace either way.

Hold on to me,
And I'll hold on to you,
Let's find out the beauty of seeing things through.

There's a lot of pain and
Reaching out and trying -
It's a vulnerable place to be.
Love and pride can occupy
The same spaces, baby,
But only one makes you free.

Hold on to me,
And I'll hold on to you,
Let's find out the beauty of seeing things through.

If we go looking for offense,
We're gonna find it.
If we go looking for real love,
We're gonna find it.

Hold on to me,
And I'll hold on to you,
Let's find out the beauty of seeing things through.

Loving a person just the way they are
That's no small thing -
That's the whole thing.
Loving me just the way I am
It's no small thing -
It takes some time
It takes some time
It takes some time
It takes some time...

- Sara Groves, "Loving a Person"

Teaching and Learning

If any picture merits commentary, it would be this one. I knew, when I took this picture, what I was hoping to capture, but only in terms of positioning. I didn't realize what I would see when I looked at it later.

When asked, as part of my teaching program, to draw what I consider to be "the quintessence of teaching," this picture was what I immediately saw in my mind. It was, in every way, the perfect illustration of good teaching. Which, in this case, also turned out to be a case of good parenting.

I still count this picture as one of my all-time favorites, even though it was taken long before I started getting into photography, long before I had a good camera, long before I started this blog. Just a mom with her son, looking at the world, teaching and learning together.

(By the way, a longer explanation of that school activity and my drawing of this image can be found here.)

Tiny Fingers Reaching Out

Okay, reader survey: Do you like the photos as stand-alones, with only the title? Or would you appreciate more commentary to accompany them? Or a mix of both? I'm wondering if the pictures, while exciting at first, might begin to bore people without some witty banter alongside them.

What do you think?

With This Ring...

Summer Move Forward and Stitch Me the Fabric of Fall

Drowning in a Tanbark Sea