Teaching and Learning

If any picture merits commentary, it would be this one. I knew, when I took this picture, what I was hoping to capture, but only in terms of positioning. I didn't realize what I would see when I looked at it later.

When asked, as part of my teaching program, to draw what I consider to be "the quintessence of teaching," this picture was what I immediately saw in my mind. It was, in every way, the perfect illustration of good teaching. Which, in this case, also turned out to be a case of good parenting.

I still count this picture as one of my all-time favorites, even though it was taken long before I started getting into photography, long before I had a good camera, long before I started this blog. Just a mom with her son, looking at the world, teaching and learning together.

(By the way, a longer explanation of that school activity and my drawing of this image can be found here.)


I don't feel like making up a name said…
Yeah, I think this is a totally awesome picture, too.
Mike said…
Lara, I really like this picture. It reminds me of those simple things in life and what is important.

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