It's All a Matter of Perspective

Well, I'm still thinking, but I didn't want to leave silent for too long. Besides, I heard from numerous people that my photos were missed.

To explain a little more about my discontent, the whole idea of this blog is still very new to me. It's not necessarily inviting a dialogue of any sorts, the way my other blog does. It's a showcase, but that starts to feel very one-sided after a while. Upon hearing that I had a blog, Aussie Boy (a guy I dated a while back) asked, "Doesn't it sometimes feel like you're just shouting into the void?" And I told him that it didn't, because people respond - it's less like shouting into the void and more like speaking into a crowd, where people occasionally speak back.

But this blog, because it's not designed for conversation, does feel a bit like shouting into a big silent space. There are comments occasionally, but let's admit it: For the most part, there's no real opening for discussion beyond, "It's a nice picture, I like it" or something to that effect.

So what to do? Should I just accept that I'm putting things out there to be seen and that because of that, it will feel more lonely? Or should I start making an effort to make things more interactive in the hopes of inviting more audience participation? I'm still not sure, and that's where I'm stuck right now.

In the mean time, I went to NYC this past weekend, and even though I thought it'd be no big deal - I mean, I've been there numerous times before - I was definitely a bit of a tourist. I'm a suburb girl 100%, so being in the midst of so many tall buildings was a little freaky. Check out below some of the photos I took in my awestruck state.


Mike said…
Interesting post today Lara. I have often felt the same way but then it seems like I get a really interesting comment that makes the work worthwhile. Remember that the purpose (if I remember correctly) of this blog was to make yourself a better photographer. The only way to do that is take pictures and this serves as a tool for you to post your favorites. You will have ups and downs, just like life that is normal. Sometimes the comments will surprise you but mainly they will be brief.

Now on to the pictures. I like the way you made them black and white. I always get dizzy taking pictures of skyscrapers especially when the clouds are racing by.

I have missed your pictures so don't stay away too long.

hanlie said…
I don't experience this blog as shouting into the void, even though there's not a lot of discussion going on. I love visiting, because the pictures 'speak' to me... sometimes they're uplifting, sometimes they make me think and sometimes they evoke some sadness... It's a tool for me to get in touch with my feelings. Yo manage that so beautifully.

These "dreamy spires" makes me think of reaching, striving, always going higher. They are beautiful and meaningful to me.
the kaiser said…
What's so wrong with shouting into the void anyway? It's a chance to say what you want, to vent, to confess, or whatever. In the end you're not blogging for other people, you're doing it for you. So rock on with your bad self.

Oh, and nice pic. I like it.
Major Bedhead said…
I think mike made a good point - you want to improve your photography, you have to get feedback on it. Maybe you could say what you were trying to capture in each photo. I know you caption them sometimes, but that's not quite the same thing. Do you know what I mean? Maybe if you've taken several views that are slightly different, post them all and that will spur chat about composition and lighting and all that other photography stuff I know very little about.

I love, love, love that shot of the Chrysler building. I am obsessed with that building. It's my all-time favourite. There's a photographer, Margaret Bourke-White, who took outstanding shots of it. Some day, when I'm rich, I'm going to buy one.

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