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Lara David
Bay Area, CA, United States
I'm just a girl, writing and photographing my way through the world, one lesson at a time. Join me on my journey - you just might learn something.
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What Is This Place?

This site is a work in progress - much like life, actually. I am an amateur photographer who enjoys playing with my Canon EOS 10D. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, since I'm really just learning. Like what you see? Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Thinking It Over

I need to think about what I really want this blog to be, and how I can best use it to become a better photographer. I'm not sure it's serving a purpose right now, and that's not sitting well with me. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with me.


  1. Mike said...

    Hello Lara,

    The blog should be yours and it will shift depending on your interests and abilities at the time. As for its use as a means to make yourself a better photographer all I can say is that you need to post daily to the extent you can...remember life is more important than the blog...and take pictures every day. I had a photography friend who started out and she said you should take at least a hundred pictures every weekend and then go through and critique them. Hope this little rant helps. I enjoy your blog and always have. I think you have a lot of talent. But I understand your feelings...having just been there myself not to long ago.


  2. hanlie said...

    I love it just the way it is, but I can see where you're coming from. You're so creative, so I'm looking forward to seeing where you go from here!

  3. tali said...

    I personally love seeing more of your pictures than I otherwise would with the other blog. And I agree that like with writing, being accountable for posting your photography daily (or at least frequently) can spur you to do more of it and think more about it. But if that's not happening then it's up to you where to take it.

  4. Lapa said...


  5. Lapa said...

    Ask Mike!

  6. JAM said...

    I'm visiting after seeing you comments on on of Mike's posts.

    I'm all for wandering aimlessly with my photo blog. I don't try to post any particular thing like one city or anything. I have 25 years of slides, negatives, and digital photos, so I just try to mix things up and as I try new things I'll post them, whether the newness is something like panoramas, which I had never done until recently, or new tricks learned in Photoshop Elements.

    I ususally just post things that I've worked on recently as I scan my old stuff or new stuff that I've downloaded onto the computer and finally got around to playing with.

    It works for me, but if you have an idea to try your hand at learning studio lighting and post that for a while, and then move to another area to master, that's cool too; I've seen lots of wonderful blogs that have more purpose like that than my non-purpose blog.

  7. hanlie said...

    I really miss your pictures...

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