I'm Giving Myself a B+

Although we're approaching more of a B than a B+, and if I'm not careful, I may soon find myself at a B-.

I'm referring, of course, to my success with my Project 365 plan for this year. Definitely been missing some days here and there, but I'm trying, and I'm taking many more photos than I had been before I decided to take on this challenge. However, I don't like all the pictures I've been taking, which is unfortunate. Here are some of the ones I have liked:

Thoughts? Encouragement?


fjd said…

Brilliant comment, eh?
Jill B said…
That's fake hair, right? You didn't mention it, and your other blog's pics all have long hair, so I've scrutinized and decided, you're faking me out.
Lara said…
Yes, Jill, it's a wig. It was part of a sort of "human scavenger hunt" our school was doing at a local mall. I was in disguise... :)

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