I'm Back, and I'm Insane

Hello to whoever is still out there and reading this blog!

(Which really just means whoever still has this blog in the feed-reader and therefore received notification of a new post, or whoever has clicked over from a link I almost certainly put at some point on my regular blog.)

I will not say I've made a resolution, because I honestly haven't. But I've made a decision that I would really like to get back into my photography, because it used to make me happy and I need happy like Shamu needs stinky fish. To help me in this, I've decided to do the Project 365 challenge in 2010. Now, there are a couple things I need to own up to right up front:

1) I decided this on January 2, so I already missed a day. Boo hoo - I'm over it.

2) If I miss a day, I'm just going to keep going. Even getting 300 daily pictures would be awesome, so I'll do what I can.

3) I am not going to count my daily "What I'm Wearing to Work" picture as the picture for the day. It has to be something - anything - other than that. Something more intentional.

4) I make no guarantees that I will post all the pictures here. In fact, I make no guarantees that I will post any here after these two. I'd like to - I'm hoping to - but I'm promising nothing, because if I promise to post them and then I don't I'll feel guilty and beat myself up for letting everyone down. I don't need more reasons to feel guilty and beat myself up.

That said, here are the first two pictures:

(That's how much work I graded over break, plus two more small stacks I graded at home tonight...)

I hope this helps me get back in the habit of taking more pictures again. Wish me luck!


Rowyn said…
Good luck, and kudos for getting all that grading done.
Miss Teacha said…
wtg on the grading!

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