More of My Mother

A lot of you seemed excited to see more shots from the photo shoot with my mom that I referenced in this week's Best Shot Monday. If you'd like to see some hilarious "mess-up" pictures, click on over to my main blog and this post. I highly recommend it for some good chuckles.

Here, though, I present you a set of some of my favorite shots of my mom, with no particular theme other than that I like 'em.

And a few shots taken with my tripod and self-timer:

My mom is the bestest! :)


In other news, I'm going to SF for BlogHer tomorrow! Any of you going to be there? Want to meet? Shoot me an email!


Stacy said…
Great shots, Lara! I really like the ones with you in them. I can't remember the last time I got a nice picture with my Mom. Well overdue, I must say.
Golightly said…
Okay that color shot of you and your mom makes you look like you are 13 years old! Seriously! Great pictures - all of them. I love the b&w of your mom sitting to the left.
Good images of you two.

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