I Wear My Patriotism on My Fingernails

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July!


Maggie said…
Wow - you have some serious patience to have that done! Hope that you had a great 4th!
Lara said…
"have it done"? no, sweetie, i did that all by myself - on both hands, too! i am amazing, if i do say so myself. :-P
Wolf Lover Girl said…
Wow! you did that yourself? I think that requires uch more patience than having someone do it for you. Very nice though!!! :-)

~ Wolf Lover Girl
My 4th was Amazing!

Very cool nails.
Mojo said…
*chuckle* I was trying to work the phrase "too much time on your hands" into this conversation somehow but I just couldn't make it click. You need a lot more than just patience for that job... It takes hands waaaaay steadier than mine are.

Yeah Lara... you are amazing.

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