BSM: Reminder

First of all, I would just like to let out a little squeal of joy that I got to meet Tracey this weekend! We didn't get to talk too much, but it was good to meet someone I've admired for a while now. And now, after meeting her, it's time for another one of her Best Shot Mondays. She asked us if we had any shots that explain what's been going on in our lives, and boy do I. I'm super stressed about work, because school will be starting awfully soon, and I still have so much to do. But while I was in Vegas with my mom, I saw this, and just had to snap it:

I think it's an important reminder for all of us.

For more Best Shots, head on over to the lovely Tracey!


LaLa said…
Sorry I have not commented in ages, I've been reading but too busy to actually leave comments.

However, your post reminded me to just sit and have a little breathe.

And leave a comment :) x
Christina said…
A very good reminder!
Maybe nexy year I can make it to BlogHer, too. :o)
Jen said…
Thanks for the reminder. Great shot.
tracey clark said…
what a nice reminder. especially after the craze of blogher! : )
it was a pleasure meeting you too! xo
Sarah-Ji said…
We have a beaded sign made by my sister-in-law in our kitchen that states plainly "breathe." It's funny how we forget to do something that is so vital. Thanks for the reminder!
Mia's Mama said…
I've actually been trying to be more mindful of my breath. Thanks for the reminder :)
Maggie said…
That is beautiful! What a perfect reminder!
kim said…
It's so good to have a reminder to take a little time out every now and then to just breathe.
I could use a pin like that.
Jaimee said…
I was just reminding myself of this earlier today!
Good image.

Breathing is important for sure ;)

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