Girls Just Wanna Have It

Fun, that is. For the Theme Thursday this week, Stacy asked us to think about Fun and what that might look like. Given that my chosen profession for the last, oh, five-ish years (on and off) involves small children, I tend to see a lot of fun moments. When you're three years old, pretty much everything is fun, with the possible exception of vegetables. (Actually, even those you can stick up your nose, which, well, if that's not the definition of fun, I don't know what is.)

Enjoy these shots from a fun game of peek-a-boo with some of my favorite little kiddos, and visit Stacy for more fun photos!


tali said…
Wow! That is some serious fun =) Made me smile.
Hanlie said…
Some days I want to be a kid again!
Maggie said…
Those are so cute -- I just love her expression in the last one...pure fun indeed!

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