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What Is This Place?

This site is a work in progress - much like life, actually. I am an amateur photographer who enjoys playing with my Canon EOS 10D. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, since I'm really just learning. Like what you see? Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

The Colors of Childhood

There is something so powerful in the vivid hues of children's toys, hues that become muted as we grow up and learn to be more circumspect. Later on in life we come to appreciate pastels and neutrals, and we lose that love of primary colors. Maybe that's why I appreciate it so much when I see the brightness of the objects around me when I work with kids.

What are the colors you see and appreciate around you in your life?


  1. Jill B said...

    I'm still in the BOLD liking, but I have grown to appreciate those light colors in certain situations (hospital green/mint green/sea green will never be one of them). My room is PURPLE, with touches of reds and golds and other purples. I just love color. It moves me.

  2. Hanlie said...

    It's quite ironic then that we often decorate nurseries in pastels. It's more for the parents than the baby. Something to think about!

  3. Maggie said...

    Great shots! I love all the bright colors...that was something I never really outgrew. My favorite color? Red!

  4. Major Bedhead said...

    Those are great. They'd be great prints in a baby's room. Or a pediatrician's office (instead of those insipid animal prints).

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