That's a Nice Way to Put It

The theme for this week's Theme Thursday is "Spirited." It gave me a great opportunity to show off a picture I've had for a long time actually. As with many of my photos, this is unedited - I like the way the background blurs, and the way she's slightly out of focus as she stares into the camera. It so clearly shows exactly what was happening: she was running so fast that I could barely capture her on film.

It's funny how, depending on my mood on a given day, my opinions of small children can vary so greatly. BB, shown above, was adorable always, but on some days she was just too much to handle. On other days, she was spirited.

Really, it's all in how you look at it.

For more takes on this week's theme, head on over to Stacy's place!


Hanlie said…
That picture really brings out her spiritedness! Nice one!
Maggie said…
Great shot! I love the blurred background - sometmes the unedited shots are the best!

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