More Self-Portraits

I wanted to create a collage of these for the Theme Thursday this week, but time has been hard to come by for some reason this week. I always feel behind on things, like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So instead, you just get a few basic shots from the mirror shoot:

I like the retro feel to them, with the red lips, false eyelashes, and long soft hair. It feels very 1940's Hollywood glamour to me, but maybe I'm crazy.

And here's one a friend edited for me just because he likes doing cool stuff like that:

Isn't it neat?


ana said…
I do love the whole retro feel. How do you manage taking such crisp self portraits? I wish I was as dextrous with my camera.
Christina said…
Well done, very expressive. The edited one is super cool!
tali said…
I agree - it's a really cool retro kind of look, especially with the edits your friend made. Highly awesome =)
Yes, it is neat ;)

Very cool look.
Major Bedhead said…
I love the edited one, but they're all great.

You look really good with long hair.
the kaiser said…
The edited one is awesome! Your friends are super cool!


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