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This site is a work in progress - much like life, actually. I am an amateur photographer who enjoys playing with my Canon EOS 10D. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, since I'm really just learning. Like what you see? Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Love Thursday: Wipe Away the Sad

This is my first ride on the Love Thursday bandwagon, but I guess I'm in a loving mood today. My much-adored mother is coming in to visit me for the weekend, and I can't wait to spend time with her. I have many pictures of her that - to me - show how much love she has to share, but this is one of my favorites.

Tears are a hard part of motherhood, but they're inevitable. My sister turned 29 this year, and yet there is our mother, wiping away her tears, just as she's done since we were children. See that look on Mom's face? That's love.

Where have you been seeing love today?


  1. Hanlie said...

    Well, there's the kitty nestled on my chest, gazing adoringly at me. And of course the best husband in the world who held me for 10 minutes before getting up and starting his day.

  2. tali said...

    Love this picture! And I'm looking forward to seeing your mom at rehearsal tonight =)

  3. Maggie said...

    What a great shot - perfect for love thursday!

  4. Mama DB said...

    Beautiful capture. I think it is perfect.

    Happy Love Thursday.


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