BSM: Inner Light

Another Monday, another Best Shot. I am really enjoying the first glimpses of spring that I'm getting all around me these days. I am blessed to have a job that allows me to spend time outside and/or around fresh cut flowers inside. Fresh flowers make me happy - they give hope somehow, in a way I can't fully explain. These tulips made me especially happy, because when I looked, they seemed lit from within - fiery hearts wrapped in fragility.

For more beautiful shots, head over to Tracey's place!


Maggie said…
How gorgeous! I love the lighting - the flowers almost look like they are glowing....did you use sunlight for the shots?
Hanlie said…
Beautiful! Really, these shots take my breath away!
Lara said…
maggie - no, these were inside, under overhead kitchen lighting. there might have been a little sunlight creeping in the windows, but probably negligible in these shots. :)
Andrea said…
Flowers are one my favorite things to photograph. Lovely photos.
Maya said…
Oh spring come fast!!! These are gorgeous!
carrie said…
those are stunning!
HLB said…
Great shots! Tulips are so much fun! :D

One of my favorite projects with a camera and some flowers: put a bouquet on a ray of sunlight in the afternoon in an otherwise dark room (or, if you're up early, morning, I suppose) and just play with that for photo lighting. :)
"fiery hearts wrapped in fragility."

...great line.

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