BSM: Flawless

Trying to decide on a "best shot" for Best Shot Monday is difficult sometimes. I'm so glad I joined in with BSM, because it keeps me shooting all week, just knowing that come Monday I will need something good to show. And I like looking for good compositions, interesting subjects, the right lighting - all that good photography stuff.

But when it comes down to it, the shots that are the best for me are the ones that I can load into the computer, look at, and love - no editing required. I'll admit that it's fun to tweak the colors and play around with interesting textures and tools in my software programs, but it's more fun to just look and know that I captured that image as is.

This picture is, to me, flawless, exactly as it stands.

And yes, I like roses a lot. So sue me.

For more great shots, head over to Tracey's place!


Maggie said…
Those roses are gorgeous! And I agree - the shot is great, no editing required!
HLB said…
Wonderful shot, the blurred wood texture in the background frames the roses beautifully.

I have to admit I'm a sucker for roses as well (can't wait until ours start blooming again this year, you can bet they'll show up on my photos... :) ). And I also strive for no-editing-needed shots, though I have to confess that's at least in part due to general laziness when it comes to post-processing. ^_^
Bonnie said…
Those are really beautiful ! I agree that it needs no editing !
Maya said…
Those are some gorgeous flowers!

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