I Am Not Dead

In fact, more than just not being dead, I'll go so far as to say I'm ALIVE! And I'm going to attempt to revive this blog. It won't really be anything new or different than what it was, but I, at least, liked the way it used to be, back when I posted more than once per holiday.

Speaking of which, it's Valentine's Day! And to celebrate, I have some recent photos that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with love, hearts, chocolates, or Cupid. Woot!


"Size Doesn't Matter"

"Hold Your Breath"

"Still the Same - Please Forgive? XOXO, Lara."

I'm telling you - I will return soon. With more photos even. I know you can't wait...


Maggie said…
Welcome back!

And I love the flower shot - so pretty!
Hanlie said…
How can you not forgive a face like that? You do puppy-dog so well!

I am interested in learning about photography. Of course I don't have a fancy camera, but as someone pointed out recently, you need to get to know your own camera inside out before going on to the next one. So I'll do that. I have a dormant blog lying around, so maybe one can be a Photoblog!

Maybe you can drop the occasional photography tip for us newbies...
I'm glad you posted again...and I'm glad to hear that you're very "Alive". I hope things will continue to go well for you.
Mike said…
Glad you are still around. Blogland would be a sad place without you and your photos.


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