Can I Be Your Memory?

As my regular readers already know, my father passed away when I was sixteen years old. Looking back now, I have many regrets about wasted time with him. I have questions for him, like why did he call me Boomers from the time I was a baby? There are things to say, too - apologies to make and stories to share. I wish I hadn't taken him for granted as much as I did, always assuming there would be opportunities in the future to make up for what I was missing. Turns out I was wrong.

It shouldn't come as any surprise to you that my mother is all the more precious to me in light of my father's death. I worry about losing her, and I do everything I can to ensure that i won't have so many regrets when someday - hopefully MANY years from now - she is gone. I call her up just to say hello and tell her I love her. When I visit her, we snuggle together on the couch and watch movies. And, because I lament the fact that I have very few pictures of my dad, I photograph her.

These pictures warm my heart even now, but I know that on some far-off day, they might be all I have of her. Is that morbid? Some might think so, but to me, it's just realistic. These pictures are memories, and they will be precious to me forever.


Maggie said…
The first shot of your mom is beautiful, but I LOVE the second one of the two of you together - it's amazing! And perfect for this week's theme too!
Mike said…

Having lost both of my parents now I fully realize what you are saying. Take many pictures of your Mom. But more importantly spend time with her and make many pictures in your mind to remember the days when she was here. I am glad I did.

I still laugh out loud when I am someplace and one of those memories hits. My Mom was a kick and she and I shared many funny memories. Every once in a while one of these hits and I start laughing and I can see her smile and still hear her giggling about our little joke. It is the most precious thing I have.

Thanks so much for sharing this post. It has made me smile.


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