Baby Steps

How many times do we live out the tired old metaphor of life as a series of steps? And yet, the whole reason it became a tired metaphor is that it was true enough to be repeated over... and over... and over again. My good friend Tali recently posted about changes happening in her life's routine, and she asked the readers to reflect on changes in our own lives.

I feel like my life is just starting to settle into a comfortable sense of routine again, after a very long period of intense change. Some of the steps I took along the way were wobbly and dangerous; others were stable, but scary for their sheer transparency. I know that there are many more steps ahead of me, but for now, I find that I'm content to pause and enjoy this place, looking back over the steps that led me here, looking ahead to the steps still to come.

I'm happy that you're all looking with me.


Hanlie said…
That's a very powerful image! I really like it!
tali said…
Thanks for the shout out =) I'm glad to hear (though I would have guessed) that your life's routine is settling down into something more comfortable these days.
I need to get used to the comments being above the image here ;)

Baby steps are good sometimes. Sometimes, that's all we can take.

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