The New York We All Know and Love

As promised, more expected NY pics:

Ah, Tiffany's, how I love your teal and white splendor.

Ooh, tall buildings. In the dark.

This is about how fast the whole city seems to be moving at all times.

I like that last picture in particular, because it really captures how I felt. I wish I had a picture of Times Square from when we were there on Saturday night, but I was honestly so overwhelmed by the crush of people that I had all I could handle just keeping myself pressed up against a wall not to be swept away by the crowd. Taking the camera out was way beyond my capabilities at the time. I guess that's what you get when you send a girl afraid of crowds to a huge city like New York.


hanlie said…
Lovely... You've given me such a different take on NY!
Lara said…
these are so cool photos! especially the one with the tall buildings!

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