BSM: Ah, Refreshing!

For this week's Best Shot Monday, Tracey asked us: What little slice of heaven do you have to share this week?

Well, I'm presenting this picture as a little piece of that heaven pie for two reasons. The first is that you might be experiencing some un-springlike weather, like rain, or even snow. If that's the case, I think you'd love to be having some of the sunshine you'll see here.

The second reason is that you might - like me - be experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. And by "warm" I mean "hot like the surface of the sun." Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but it did suddenly get very hot the past few days.

So if either of these cases applies to you, then you'll probably agree that this?

Would be heaven.

For more slices of heaven, head on over to visit Tracey and the other participating photogs!


Maggie said…
I love it! And as one who is in the 'had snow and rain and general ick' weather this weekend, it sure is nice to see something sunny and warm - and refreshing!
Anonymous said…
Too funny. Our dog would be right there too. We are warm but not too bad yet.
Christina said…
We've had some hot weather already too, but last night it dipped into the 30s again. Brrrr! That does look like a woderfully warm, sunny, relaxing moment - heavenly! ;o)
Vered said…
Yes, heaven. :) I'm in the Bay Area too and we drove to the mountains on the weekend, hoping to enjoy some spring skiing. I was bitterly disappointed to find out that spring skiing was out of the question, b/c snow had turned to slush in the heat!

Great picture!
Brittany said…
That looks like amazing fun! I can't wait until it's warm enough here to swim!
Anonymous said…
AWW what a sweet picture - I cant wait till its warm enough for US to go swimming!
Jenn said…
WOOPS wrong url :)

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