BSM: Radiant Bride

Saturday I attended the wedding of one of my best and dearest friends. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was fun. I had my camera with me, of course, but actually took way fewer shots than I expected. My favorite part, though, was during the spotlight dances - the mother-son waltz, father-daughter waltz, and bride-groom waltz - when I just shot without thinking too much. I opted to keep the flash off, because I wanted to embrace the blur and see what happened. I got a few shots that I liked a lot, but this one was one of my favorites:

This is a close crop of a larger shot I took during the bride and groom's first dance as a married couple. Someone in the background happened to also be taking a picture, and the flash just happened to go off as I snapped this shot. I'm glad it did, though, as it gave the bride a luminous backlit effect. It sort of matches the stars in her eyes, looking up at her (now) husband.

Here's the same shot in black and white:

Sometimes, as a photographer, I work hard to get the shot just right. But other times, I just get lucky.

For other folks' best shots, head on over to Tracey's!


Kim said…
I love it in black and white. Lovely pictures!
Sara said…
I love the black and white also
Unknown said…
That is lovely - a beautiful "happy accident."
HLB said…
That looks fantastic! I definitely have a few incredible accidents on photo as well. :)

More often, there's some detail that I hadn't even thought of at the time I took the picture that actually makes it much cooler than I expected... In my photo for this week, I hadn't even thought of the cat's reflection when I took it. :)
kim said…
nice capture.
Christina said…
Ahhh, that is just lovely! I love the serindipity of the other flash creating that radiance around her.

And, I'm glad to find your blog! I appreciate all your comments lately, but for some reason whenever I click your link, it says "page not found!" Now I've tracked you down. ;o)
Maggie said…
That is beautiful! What a great shot!
Rose said…
That is so cool! I wish I had more happy accidents! she is gorgeous in that lighting.
Great effect. I'm glad you got the timing just right.

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